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Main Features:

Ø Private call    

Ø Group call       

Ø All call

Ø Kill

Ø Revive

Ø Battery save mode 

Ø One-touch call

Ø Remote Monitor 

Ø Call alert
Ø Records for 200 hours

Ø Low power voice/icon prompt

Ø Prompt tone on/off

Ø Remote monitor

Ø Support voice prompt for channel switching or function-option

Ø Two programmable buttons for long pressing are available on the side



2. Support both digital and analog modes.

3. To adopt the TFT color display, convenient operation.

4. Be with TFT color display interface and visible icon display.

5. Support up to 4000 channels.

6. Support to modify and set the frequency via keypad.

7. Using 2300mAh polymer lithium battery.








 Frequency Range



 Channel Zone


 Total Channel Capacity (512)

 4000 (250 Channels/Zone)

 Antenna Impedance


 Dimension (H x W x D)

 111 x 58 x 38mm

 Weight (W/Battery) 




 Rated Voltage

 DC: 7.4V

 Battery life:

 The average battery life under5/5/90duty cycle, and using carrier squelch and TX high power.

 2300mAh Li-pol battery:  Analog: 12.6 hours / Digital: 17.5 hours





 Channel Spacing

 12.5kHz /25kHZ

 Frequency Stability   

 + / - 1.5ppm

 Analog Sensitivity  
 (12 dB SINAD)

 0.3uV / 0.25uV

 Digital Sensitivity (5% BER)

 0.25uV / 0.20uV



 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 60dB@12.5kHz / 65dB@25kHz

 Spurious Rejection


 Rated Audio


 Audio Distortion @Rated Audio


 FM Hum & Noise

 -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz

 Audio Response


 Conducted /Radiated Emission






 Channel Spacing

 12.5kHz /25kHZ

 Frequency Stability   

 + / - 1.5ppm

 Low Power



 High Power



 Modulation Restriction

 ±2.5kHz@12.5kHz / ±5kHz@25kHz

 FM Hum & Noise

 -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz

 Conducted /Radiated Emission

 -36dBm1GHz / -30dBm1GHz

 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 -60dB@12.5kHz / -65dB@25kHz

 Audio Response


 Audio Distortion


 FM Modulation

 12.5kHz: 11K0F3E

 25kHz: 16K0F3E

 4FSK Digital Modulation

 12.5kHz Data: 7K60F1D & 7K60FXD

 12.5kHz Audio: 7K60F1E & 7K60FXE

 12.5kHz Data & Audio: 7K60F1W

 Digital Vocoder


 Digital Agreement

 ETSI-TS102 361-1, -2, -3


 Precisely and standard designed for a long-term positioning( 95% value  could find 5 satellites @ rated -130dBm signal strength

 TTFF (time to first fix) cold start

 < 1 min

 TTFF (time to first fix) warm start

 < 10 s

 Horizontal Position Accuracy

 < 10 ms