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Fujian New Century Communications Co., Ltd

Tel: (86)595-22899399
Fax: (86)595-22887666
E-mail: kyd10@cnkyd.cn
Hotline: 4006-525-399


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FUJIAN NEW CENTURY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD with the recognized brand names of "KYD" and "Kydera" is located in the historic and vibrant City of Quanzhou, China at the head end of the Silk Road. We are a high-technology enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sale of two way radio equipment for over twenty years. We were one of the first such manufacturers in China to do so and we export our Products Worldwide.

Our Corporate Mission Statement: Our Company is market and customer driven providing life safety and mission critical radio communications and are served by our professional R&D engineers, production staff and customer oriented sales team. Working together harmoniously in a positive environment we strive in providing exceptional service and long term commitments to excellence to our worldwide customers all the while expanding our market share both domestically and overseas.

When compared to our industry peers we are not a "workshop". We produce the entire product ourselves. This assures total quality and also protects both our IP and that of our Clients. From hardware design, firmware and software development to manufacturing in house of all products and accessories including the stuffing of all our PCB's, our 15,000 square meter facility includes multiple lines of advanced Japanese automated SMT insertion and flow solder equipment. All completed PCB's are tested with the latest in automated optical recognition computer technology. Using advanced inspection equipment and techniques our ISO 9001:2000-certified system assures our clients with uniform quality and accountability. To ensure performance and product longevity we manufacture our radios using components from Toshiba, ST and NEC. We support our research work and QA departments with a full environmental test laboratory.

Our products have CE and FCC certifications with RoHS marks. A global company we successfully export our products to USA, Europe, North and South America, Russia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other markets. With a good sales and service platform and proven track record, New Century enjoys its brand name and possesses great market influence.

Two way radio communications is our Passion. Continued R&D along with continuous innovations from our internal management team is mated with processes commensurate to a modern innovative and forward thinking Corporation. Focused on total OEM/ODM customer satisfaction we believe that New Century will continue to develop innovations within the competitive wireless communications marketplace now and well into the future.

Providing "Japanese Quality" with exceptional cost performance we sincerely believe we are your Best Solution for advanced, reliable, cost effective mission critical communications products. Contact us today and see how we can respond to your communications need for today and tomorrow.